BLM charity pendant necklace


Jewellery has always been a tool to communicate and carry emotions. To raise money for BLM fund and ISD Bund, we created this BLM pendant necklace. All profits of the sales will be donated to help fighting racism.

We considered how we can contribute with our skills and our platform to ally with the black community, fighting for equality, against injustice and the awful violence against POC. The necklace should be a statement for every day and a piece to last - this is an ongoing matter and not just a social media trend.

You have the choice of a silver necklace with either our thin (1.6mm) or medium (2.4mm) snake chain, or a black cotton string for a more accessible option. 

Pendants are made from sterling silver.

We will make this piece for your order, please allow 6 weeks for creation.