No piercings are needed for any of our jewellery; every piece is designed to coexist in harmony with the body, highlighting and contouring the silhouette.

Conscious Month

RÄTHEL & WOLF would love you to join us in making a difference as we launch our Conscious Month Campaign. Whilst the COP26 summit took place this month, we recognise this as a pivotal moment for positive change, and have decided to donate 10% of your online purchase to the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).


At RÄTHEL & WOLF, environmental and social responsibility are core values that we consider in every decision we make. We recognise that although a sustainable and ethical approach remains crucial to our practice, greater change can only happen through shared ambition and collective effort. This is why we are passionate about supporting better standards within the wider industry and are particularly conscious about the complexities of the mining sector. By choosing to contribute to ARM, we are proud to be part of a community that is transforming the industry of artisanal and small-scale mining into a socially and environmentally responsible activity.


Mix and match a jewellery piece and a selection of pendants with our latest charm collection.


Magic at your finger tips.

Covering, contouring and highlighting your nails: With the fingertips being one of the most sensual parts of the body, the distal ring has been a R&W staple from day one, provoking that personal feel and body awareness only a special jewellery piece can give.

The TEXT collection combines woven metal ribbon with mirrored forms. Interlinked metal fibres mimic systems of encoding, intertwining the body and echoing its gestural language. Serene, reflective surfaces become a personal interface for communication, resonating bodily contours to your receiver.


We envision jewellery that merges with the body, inspired by the personal dialogue between form and touch.