RÄTHEL & WOLF DIGITAL Hyper-accessible, democratised jewellery

Hyper-accessible, democratised jewellery

We are proudly announcing our digital collection release, introducing free downloadable 3D models of our jewellery for everyone.

Pushing the boundaries of virtual fashion, RÄTHEL & WOLF Digital is a radical move to give greater accessibility to our creations.

The 3D models are available on Turbo Squid now with weekly model uploads to follow.

Enjoy our first case study. One avatar, 5 characters, wearing RÄTHEL & WOLF Digital.

Explore our personas and their favourite pieces below by clicking on their images.

Meet Lou

Originating from a genuine desire to celebrate all bodies, RÄTHEL & WOLF Digital acts as an experiment to further share our bold statement jewellery. We encourage non-commercial reproduction and experimental digital outputs by our community. These models are entirely gratuitous and accreditation is appreciated so that new creations can be shared.

Meet Grace

Meet Tala

Meet Faye

Meet Edie

The brand will retain the intellectual property rights to all models released on Turbo Squid. 

Art Direction: Adli Klein

3D Artist: William Fairbrother

Virtual Fashion/ 3D Fashion: Marie Bastian, World of Mesh

Copy: Sheena Leach

Special thanks to Taneli Mansikkamäki