Räthel and Wolf Events

Welcome to the world of RÄTHEL & WOLF and our events. To find out more about each artist, work or project, please click on the images.


For Berlin fashion week we hosted a culinary experience in collaboration with food artist Caique Tizzi to launch our new tableware collection.

It was a feast for the eyes and for the senses, celebrating the sensuous shapes and design signatures of R&W.

Photos by Lucie Marsmann


We have teamed up with perfume brand D.L.ROELEN for a sensory pop-up showroom in Berlin from 9th-12th of Dec 2021 at Sanderstr 28 (space of Schwarz Contemporary Gallery).


Introducing the world to their SINN collection, RÄTHEL & WOLF curated an evening of immersive sensual experiences in collaboration with a selection of artists and creators in London.

The work of each artist stimulates ideas relating to the body and senses. The event was structured around themes of the avant-garde, surrealism, and post-humanism, and showcased a multi-sensory experience of taste, touch, sight, sound, and scent.

Art direction – Emilie Alstrup
DOP – Mads Junker
Models – Inemi & Xilhu Ese
Sound – Llywelyn Ap Myrddin

Anna-Lusie Lorenz

TongueTongue – LED Installation

Anna-Luise Lorenz (*1986 (DE)) is an artist, graphic designer and researcher based in Berlin. Her work revolves around the anomalies of empiricism and rationalism, the paradoxical, the impossible and the failed, as a means to explore parallel spheres of reality. Subjects range from reality engineering to post- and non-humanism, utilising a wide range of media including machines, programming, performance, written word and moving image. Exhibitions include Berlin Art Week; The Wrong Digital Art Biennial; Crosstalk International Video Art Festival, Budapest (HU); ›The Economics of Uncertainty‹, Swiss Pavilion, Venice Biennale of Architecture (IT); ›Science of Fiction‹, USC Cinematic Arts, Los Angeles (USA); and ›Out of Stasis‹: Platform for Art, Theory and Research, Acud Gallery, Berlin (GER).

TongueTongue is a journey into what was once described by the Gnostics as the divine spark of Otherness: the inevitable Other was understood as an intrinsic part of the human, which connected human beings to the totality of divine powers, whilst – due to its permanent presence – categorically denied them access to their true self. Heidegger called that state of Otherness ‘not belonging’ (Unbehagen), while Lévinas described it as ‘insomnia and wakefulness’.

Emilie Alstrup


Emilie Alstrup is born in Denmark and currently based in London, Emilie received her MA from Royal College of Art in 2018 and her BA in sculpture from Central st. Martins in 2014.

Her work incorporates corporeal narratives in order to fantasise about the future of human intimacy.

Alstrup’s work is an exploration of virtual social interactions and fixations that manifest themselves in physical form. Her work emerges around the notion of ‘Skin hunger’ the need of human touch, and the evolution of synthetic substitutes as observed within the contemporary social context.

Radek Husak

Tryptich – Print on Sandblasted Aluminium

In his figurative series, we see the influence of the timeless tradition of the nude meeting elements of pop culture from the 1950s and 1960s. Having long been seduced by the beauty and perfection of the Classical world, Husak presents us with a very modern muse: the lithe and youthful man - channelling the look and movement of a fashion model in a neo-romantic way. In the image, we see the glitch - this is the double exposure, the jolt and the jut; a digital imperfection, a stuttering. The translucent edge of one body blurs and melds into the next. Here lies the space created for the viewer’s imagination - it elicits movement, it references the trace.

His kaleidoscopic pieces blur the boundaries of the individual body, offering multiple possibilities and abstracting our vision.


film by Whitney Conti

Video with Sound for Continuous Loop
35mm Kodak Colour Negative Arri 435, ARRI Media UK Zeiss Ultra Prime Lenses
Original Score Ed Gibson, Alex Mackenzie, Leanne Ratcliffe 
DOP Morgan Spencer, 1st AC Sam Irwin, Performance Artist & Dancer Mai Nguyen Tri, shoot production & colour plates Megan Townley-Wakelin, colour plates Peter Wynne Willson, shoot magic Maria Glionna & Jane Beaufoy, production assistant Ellen Beaufoy, film processing and scanning KODAK equipment ARRI MEDIA UK

Timothy Han / Edition

During the event, Timothy Han scented the space using his fragrance, Against Nature for an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Blending the natural and the artificial, the scent featured green leafy foliage with notes of metal and blood.

Peter Hudson

Open – Interactive Installation

This installation is an invitation to interact. Each interaction becomes part of the piece itself, creating an ever-expanding network of actions and reactions. In experiencing Open, you become part of Open.

Peter Hudson is an interactive installation artist with a uniquely diverse creative background which began in music, composing for the BBC and Channel 4. Since achieving a 1st class honours in Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Design Interactions at the Royal College of Arts he has since had his interactive installations featured in press including Vice, New Scientist and BBC. He has completed projects supported by Art Fund and Arts Council, and has widely exhibited at venues such as Wellcome Collection, Fabrica and Tate St Ives.


Designed at their in house laboratory, Untitled Bar created bespoke R&W cocktails inspired by the imagined flavour of silver, bringing the taste experience to new heights.

Music by SYYMZ & Jossy Mitsu
(Boiler Room / Fabric / NTS / Rinse FM)

To display the collection, Emilie Alstrup created an other-worldly, laboratory-like setting with LED tanks and under water silicone sculptures.

Special thanks to Ying Suen, Jules Volleberg, Taya Francis, Peter Hudson, Konstantinos Trichas, Tatiana Woolrych, all the artists involved and visitors for making it a truly memorable event.


In line with the collaborative ethos of RÄTHEL & WOLF and our belief in the importance of dialogue between different creative disciplines, we invited artists Eva Papamargariti, Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski, Mia Dudek, Nora Silva, Titilayo Adebayo, and Theodoulos Polyviou to show their work alongside our collection, for a week long event with photography, video, performance, culinary experience and spoken word.


Video by Whitney Conti

DOP – Morgan Spencer
Dancer – Titilayo Adebayo
Choreography – Gerrard Martin

For the event, Conti's P.O.S.T.U.R.E video was projected into the space and the featured dance was performed live by Titilayo.

Eva Papamargariti

New Nosthetics – Video Projection

A new digital dazzling kingdom of objects keeps rising. Everything can fit to the neverending fragmented landscape as long as it is reflective, refractive and shiny. The most complex texture activates the perception of a twisted materiality in which the organic element is re-embeded to the artificial language while the overwhelming production of these objects creates an instant immersion to a new ‘virtuality’, composed from distorted abstract morphological schemes. Attention: no sense of scale is necessary at this uncanny n-dimensional field.

Eva Papamargariti grew up in Greece where she graduated from the Department of Architecture, University of Thessaly with a Diploma in Architecture (2012). She holds a Master Degree on Visual Communication Design from Royal College of Art, London. Her practice focuses on time-based media (video, gif animations) but also printed material and sculptural installations that explore the relationship between digital space and (im)material reality. The last years she has collaborated with different design groups and brands like NIKE,  Kenzo, MTV, Diesel and she has exhibited her work in institutions, museums and festivals such as the New Museum (New York), Whitney Musem (New York), Tate Britain (London), Museum of Moving Image (New York), MoMA PS1 (New York), Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal and Transmediale Festival, Berlin and also on the Internet.

Mia Dudek

Casing I (Diptych), Casing II (Diptych), Casing III – Giclee print, latex

The main focus of Mia Dudek’s work is addressing the legacy of brutalist architecture and its relationship to the body, investigating notions of displacement and ‘organ habitation’. The work asks: Can a dwelling be considered as a body with skin and entrails? Is the body a form of erotic architecture? The artist investigates the notion of broken physicality between individuals and the fragmented body, detaching and re-formalising it into new structures. Restrictive environments are inescapable but also contain otherwise formless and fluid bodies that threaten to spill over the borders of inanimate structures.

Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski

Maybe Sarek – Print
Untitled – Print

Both in the performance- and image based part of my practice, I explore matters of consciousness in relation to technology and social interaction online. I am interested in the sociological and ethnological deconstruction of human identity as performed, manifested, constructed and communicated. Consciousness is a part of identity that science can not reach but art can be a language for. We store within us, images, symbols, attitudes, body language and gestures, performed both in line with, and in opposition to cultures, with an interference of the experience of consciousness.

Jaana-Kristiina Alakoski


duration 10 mins

Theodoulos Polyviou

Digital Shaman, Sketch for performance no.1 – 3D rendering, printed

Theodoulos Polyviou (*1989 in Nicosia) is a Cypriot artist based in London. His practice investigates possibilities of marriage between VR technologies, performance and sculpture. He incorporates site-specific responses to space and engagement with open forms of audience participation.

Polyviou is interested in the digital body, the invisible body, and investigates ways in which perceptions of reality can be vastly altered by what is not seen— defining the unseen as matter with agency. By focusing on the architectural narratives that outline queer spaces, Polyviou investigates the different ways in which politics and social structures necessitating geographical specificity, translate digitally to produce political disorganisation and discussion, challenging conceptions of borders and boundaries.

The spoken word night was hosted by Frankie Mace, inviting Matt Cole, Amy Cutler and Marjam Idriss, reading in poetry / fiction / creative non-fiction and philosophy. Find their texts here.

During show Nora Silva presented 'Ergonomic snacks for the ringed', a culinary performance, supported by Ines dos Santos and Jolien van Schagen.

Valentine Bin presented a fictional founding story of RÄTHEL & WOLF that can be read here.

Space & Display

Exhibition design was by Taneli Mansikkamäki Architects and Dor Schindler

Special thanks to Gallery SO, Felix Flury, Valentina Bin, Peter Hudson, Konstantinos Trichas, Sadi Yetkili, Yipeng Lee, Santa Zembaha, all artists involved and everyone who supported us to bring our visions to life.