PB 0110

Explore our collaboration with PB 0110.

Renowned bag aficionado Phillipp Bree asked us to design a clutch for his brand PB 0110, and we are thrilled it’s available for you now!

The new clutch combines the worlds of leather goods and jewellery. The smooth, polished metal handle becomes a bracelet, while the curved shape of the leather lets the hand rest in its negative space or hugs the body as an elegant cross-body bag.


DOP – Peter Schings 
DIT – Jack Lemonidis 
GAFFER – Alexander Krain
MODEL – Selina Afua Holdbrook-Kuessow (Viva Models)
STYLING – Max Jolivet 
STYLING ASSISTANT – Ekaterina Samorukova 
HMU – Rocco Kowalski 
NAILS – Hanna Bodnarchuk
SOUND – Sam Bower 

PB 0110 is a bag and accessory label by Philipp Bree, launched in 2013, after he left the family business BREE.

Philipp Bree believes in the importance of beloved objects, things that develop individuality in daily use, that grow close to our hearts and become beloved companions over time.


We are excited to share SUBSPECIES – a project by Haw-lin Services and Anatolik Belikov Studio who created a dystopian reality around our jewellery, where trans-human creatures emerge in an inexorable technological world.

As part of our RW DIGITAL open source project, Haw-lin Services and Anatolik Belikov Studio have utilised our free 3D designs conceptualising their own vision and mood for our objects and we feel honoured to show the incredible outcomes!

Concept and 3D: Haw-LIN Services, Anatolik Belikov Studio

Post Production: RGBERLIN


The Thief’s Journal is a collaboration between artist Billy Bultheel and curator Marie-Therese Bruglacher with a scenography by Andrea Belosi.
We are honoured our jewellery was featured as part of the performance.

Helen Kirkum Studio

Together with HELEN KIRKUM we have created a transitional jewellery piece for her bespoke sneaker service. It can be worn both on or around her custom shoes, redefining sneaker hardware into statement fine jewellery. The lace tags are featured in her short film ‘HISTORY IN REMAKING’ celebrating their Made to Order sneaker service, offering season-less classic silhouettes constructed of post consumer waste collected from recycling centre TRAID. The film celebrates the joy of wearing and the process of making. A playful and atmospheric short by Bernhard Deckert edited by Leo O’Donnell.


London-based chocolate company BRIK designed and hand-made bespoke terrazzo chocolate tiles for us. We slip one piece of deliciousness into each of your parcels for your online orders. By our shared love for the materiality of stones, they have created black and white terrazzo chips with orange & sesame flavour and activated charcoal giving the distinctive colour. Check out their incredible chocolate creations on BRIK


For Sylvie, hands are the most expressive part of the body and she wants them to be noticed. Manicure translates as “care of the hand”, for this reason she not only sees the nails as the canvas but looks into ways the entire hand can be beautified.

Sylvie Mc Millan Nail Art, Nail rings, Collaboration


In 2019 RÄTHEL & WOLF were nominated for the Accessories prize at the Hyères Festival in France where we met Canadian fashion designer Marie-Ève Lecavalier and later collaborated on accessories for their SS20 collection. Our design took on elements of Lecavalier’s signature psychedelic swirls inspired by the music and styling of the 1970s. Playing with the boundaries of perception, we included glass elements, to reflect and refract against Lecavalier’s hypnotic prints. Each glass piece was hand-blown by a Canadian glass designer and all crystals were sponsored by Swarovski.

Timothy Han / Edition

London based Timothy Han/ Edition first collaborated with us when he scented the space for our multi sensory SINN show. Timothy Han/ Edition takes a progressive approach to perfumery with fragrance designed to take you on a journey, each scent evolves on your skin allowing a unique story to unfold. For this collaboration we created a jewellery vial holder for the perfume bottles of Timothy Han/ Edition’s “discovery set”. Made from sterling silver, the design is a versatile statement piece that can be worn as a necklace or detached from the chain and clipped to accessorise bags or trouser loops. Every order comes with it’s own discovery set of 5 fragrances, each inspired by a classic novel. 

Swarovski x Paula Knorr

Paula Knorr has been a long time collaborator of RÄTHEL & WOLF since we studied together at the Royal College of Art and were both recipients of the renowned ITS award. Inspired by Knorr’s approach to female empowerment and luxury, our crystal cluster pieces, sponsored by Swarovski, were created to highlight the bold glamour of her designs. 

Paula Knorr

This collaboration with Paula Knorr uses strong lines to draw volumes around the body, accentuating the sensual movements and draping of her AW18 collection.

Charlotte McDonald

In 2017 we collaborated with menswear designer and Royal College of Art graduate Charlotte McDonald (CMMC). Her “Interference" collection is a personal enquiry into tensions of identity, and pre-conceived expectations of masculinity. Inspired by the social codes and cultural narratives of boys training clubs, we created sets of sterling silver, tubular forefinger rings, echoing the hand tape used by boxers in fighting. Taking on concepts associated with the wearing of uniforms, the pieces become markers for a space beyond body and object. The tubular rings became signature RÄTHEL & WOLF pieces.

Paula Knorr

These designs for Paula Knorr take on large, oval forms influenced by jewellery staples. Shapes of signet rings or cameos are exaggerated to push our traditional relationship with jewellery beyond its limitations.