ZENIT Collection

The atmosphere of the ZENIT collection is speculative and universal – it envisions the enormity of planetary movements in the solar system, drawn around a single limb or bodily appendage. Introducing precious gemstone pieces, carneol (red-orange like Saturn), sodalite (blue, like Neptune) and white marble (like the Moon) with lines that mimic the axis and trajectory of celestial entities on the body.

Cosmology is a system for the origin and structure
of objects beyond direct experience.
At the Zenit, the imaginary celestial sphere.

Particles orbit, ovals held impossibly.
A trajectory of celestial bodies.
Satellites of metal encircling an ear.

Solar discs, animated gravitational pull
The altitude and the Zenit are complementary.
The horizon perpendicular to the astronomical meridian
A defined circle on the celestial sphere
passes through the nadir, the Zenit, the celestial poles.
All are connected.

Sparked by the German word ZENIT; the point directly above the observer on the celestial sphere, the collection explores the cosmic and otherworldly. The introduction of bicolored jewellery is reminiscent of the 2 faced waxing moon, a signifier of refinement.